The PREP suite web service will be ending June 30, 2022.

Users are recommended to try the Deepred-Mt prediction service which is available for download from github here: [Deepred-Mt github]

An online implementation of Deepred-Mt for analyzing multiple sequences is also available here: [Deepred-Mt online]

About the PREP suite

RNA editing is a process that converts specific cytidines to uridines in mitochondrial and chloroplast transcripts of land plants. This process tends to increase protein conservation across species by “correcting” codons that specify unconserved amino acids. Exploiting this principle, the PREP suite of programs computationally predicts C to U edit sites in an organellar protein-coding gene by comparing its predicted protein sequence to homologous proteins from other plants.

The PREP suite consists of PREP-Mt (for mitochondrial genes), PREP-Cp (for chloroplast genes), and PREP-Aln (for user-submitted alignments). The PREP method has been shown to be both fast and accurate for most seed plant genes and genera. A description of PREP-Aln, PREP-Cp, and PREP-Mt can be found in the references below. Please also cite the appropriate reference if you use any of the PREP programs in your research.

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